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A Snapshot of our Past Projects

Loyalty Platform Industry

Data & CRM

Working with a renowned worldwide brand, a loyalty platform was being created which enables users to collect and spend points from the company products and partners. It works as a centralised unit for the brand, whilst partnering with sister products, and third parties.

The role amarti played in this was to manage the data in order to enable personalised emails to customers.

This entailed working closely with the team that managed the data. Ensuring the raw forms of data were collected and defining appropriate data sets. This came with a set of problems itself, the main being not all required data was being collected. In order to mitigate this particular problem, historical data was used and structures were set up to begin collecting the required data.

The CRM tool used by the organisation was correctly configured, the correct data was exposed, and the marketing team were enabled to send personalised emails.

This piece of work was part of the critical path of this project, without the initial ‘Welcome NAME’ email, driven by data, the project was not able to go live.

Consultancy Support

Legacy Project, Clean-Up of Data, API

The aim of this piece of work was to work closely with the c-suite of an established public sector-focused consultancy to aid IPO by the end of 2021, establishing propositions and capabilities within the organisation. As the business was growing the operating model was becoming unclear and no longer fit for purpose. Driving the capabilities and propositions initiatives, the following outcomes were achieved/put into the roadmap:

  • Establish new operating models throughout the organisation
  • Ratify the value propositions offered
  • Create capabilities within the Technology division
  • Manage changes into other areas (talent, marketing etc)

Within each of these areas, a 3-month plan was put into place to drive the organisation forward with minimal impact on productivity.

Delivery Management Industry

Data Led Products

A worldwide consultancy where amarti was onboarded in a delivery management capacity. The division in which amarti operated was the digital space building tools for internal and external use. This piece of work included:

  • Working with internal consultants to build tools for engagement with clients such as data analytics products
  • Build tools directly with clients such as pricing calculators

The aim was to build several data products, integrate, and manage these products across a range of technologies.