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We are amarti

A Software Engineering Consultancy

Gaining and keeping the competitive edge for modern organisations has never been more difficult. The need to quickly respond to complex and volatile market conditions, while still finding new ways to produce value is crucial to the growth and sustainability of organisations.

Whatever your outcomes, we will support you by designing a strategy that ties your initiatives to your business goals. We will support you as you transform your technology, foster the appropriate culture, and optimise your operating model so that you are able to seize new opportunities, invest in the right activities and form stronger relationships with potential, new, and existing customers.

Our magic is in our people. 

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6 Key Aspects To A Thriving Digital Business

Modern architectures, cloud and the ability to become data-driven have been proven to be vital in catalysing organisational growth. Projects are primed for success when change management is involved as it works to ensure new ways of working are embedded successfully within the business.

We work with your strengths, using data and skills to create the strategy, technology and culture for your modern, digital business – setting you up to achieve operational excellence, build competitive advantage and drive purpose-led growth.

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Digital Transformation

Whether your company is struggling with siloed decision making, legacy systems, a shortage of tech resources or increased security risks, we can support.

We will work to understand your business landscape and create a strategy that aligns with your company’s targets to transform your operations and add value for your customers as well as make your life easier.

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Agile Project Delivery

Our delivery teams can ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. After all, it’s what we live and breathe. Our passion is not just in our delivery, it’s in our ability to create agile environments and enhance culture across teams.

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Cloud Services

Cloud computing can save costs, improve security, and ensure continuity, but the benefits don’t stop there. It creates that much sought after enterprise agility, increases productivity and speed to market. Better still, if you link your cloud migration to your business strategy, you can create a channel for fast innovation. It also facilitates an organisation’s ability to seize new opportunities and capabilities in a way that would previously have been out of reach – giving you an opportunity to grow at an unprecedented rate. 

This enables you to make the previously impossible, possible. 

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Data Services

The amount of data that businesses receive is continuously growing. In order to store and optimise use of data, organisations need to be strategic.

The quality of the data should be excellent, and that your systems should be robust enough to handle it. Your systems should respond to requests quickly and securely. 

We can work with you to focus your data strategy, using your data to drive better decision making.

Case Studies

Driving results through innovation and collaboration, we work with some of the market’s most respected organisations. Take a look below at some of our stories of success.

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We're looking for Technical ArchitectsFront End EngineersPlatform EngineersData Engineers Full Stack Engineers

Throughout the technology landscape, amarti has a variety of complex and rewarding projects within the data, cloud, and engineering.

So, what makes us different? We don’t believe in corporate politics and want to give you the freedom to define your own career. We want to support the creation of pathways into the tech industry, making it accessible to all.

Our business was founded in the midst of the pandemic. Very quickly, it was made clear that a healthy and nourishing workplace was something we wanted to nurture within our company. We work to continuously promote clear communication, a healthy work-life balance as well as mental wellbeing.

We don’t just foster and build diversity, we strive to manifest a diversity of thought within our organisation.

Join us in delivering the best there is in digital solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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