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Agile Project Delivery

Whether you need a bespoke build, a full development team to support in-house or to fill individual roles to get work across the line, we have the experience and skills to match. 

Whether it’s building products, upgrading platforms or managing a full digital transformation – we can take it from concept to release, supporting in taking projects over the line, and manage them through to completion or we can assist you on your journey, providing support and advice.

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What’s Involved & How Can We Help?

Agile is not just about software development, it’s not even just a way of working. Agile is an enterprise culture, a top down belief system that permeates teams, both technical and operational. 

It begins with the birth of a product, it’s the environment into which the first idea is born and grows. Agile is about cutting out waste, it’s about sharing feedback, it’s about collaboration, about growing and building ideas into reality together. 

When it comes to our delivery teams, the focus here is getting stuff done. We can manage your projects for you or educate your people on best practice, championing them day to day.

Our Unique Business Model...

Our experts will come in and assess the work. They’ll help you to define major deliverables and releases, create a high level roadmap and then build a backlog for the earliest deliverables first. From design through to testing and release, prepped and prioritised tasks will go into the first sprints, iterative builds will begin and feedback loops will ensure the output is business-led and fit for purpose.

It’s important to understand that agile planning doesn’t just happen within an agile team during the build process or day to day. It happens at every level right up to portfolio planning and strategy. This means that adapting and changing as a result of feedback also applies at all those levels.

Our teams will collaborate with yours, working with surrounding operations and creating visibility so that everyone is informed and ready for the outcomes.  

A Culture Of Delivery

No matter the complexity of the issues, whatever domains they affect and whatever tech stack you use, we have the expertise ready to go, either as a consultant, a full project team or team augmentation. 

Our unique business model allows our skills-matched resources to help you scale up and down as required.