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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation consulting, amarti are experts at launching organisation success through a range of technical solutions.

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Your Digital Journey Shouldn’t be a Headache

A digital transformation is the combination of optimised operations, culture and technology. In turn, a company’s ability to innovate as well as respond to market and customer demands is raised to new heights. 

All Transformations Share A Basic Set Of Principles

  • Achieving A Vision 
  • Financial Growth
  • Become More Agile, Responsive & Adaptable

What’s Involved & How Can We Help?

For a technology transformation, first we have to build a comprehensive framework for both tech and operations.

This should be geared around a strong agile culture and mindset, excellent data insights, as much automation as possible and cloud. The framework should include a clear plan and roadmap with goals, definitions of success and also the means to measure it.The framework should also cover means of collaboration and communication, governance training and upskilling and feedback loops.

Understanding in detail what the end-point should look like, then creating and following a framework of progressive change allows you to build capabilities made up of human and tech enablers. Doing this allows you to achieve those end goals, by keeping them in mind from the beginning. 

Business transformation requires cultural change, strong governance, a plan to upskill existing teams and long term top-down commitment. This is also covered under our operating model services.

Achieve Digital Transformation Success: The Key Factors

Once a strategy is laid out, according to your outcomes base plan and framework, clearly defining what ‘success’ looks like.  


We will help you instil your vision from the top all the way down so everyone understands what it is they are working towards. In turn, they can help deliver your step by step roadmap to make the vision a reality.

The vision should be woven through everything the company does. It should be reflected in the design and planning of the transformation itself as well as the products, the culture and ways of working.

Agile Culture & Mindset

This is much more than using an agile methodology to deliver software. This is the embodiment of agile in everything you do. The key is in how you think and how your teams and departments work together.

Our job is to help you step-up your agile ways of working, and in turn, how you respond to change. It doesn’t stop there though, we’ll also help you build capabilities in which feedback and learning promote growth and innovation and  where teams are aligned instead of siloed.


We will help you create transparent reporting, fast and simplified decision making, good governance and help you give the right people authority. Finally, we’ll ensure you’re set up to track and measure your transformation progress, both to monitor your progress and prove the business case benefits. Our work is always fully compliant with all legalities and infosecurity matters.

Business-Led Technology

We will help you align your product roadmap to business needs and create modular, flexible and interoperable technology. This is essential to creating a collaborative, successful model that creates value and allows for easy management and development of your systems and products.

person in circle icon for amartiAccessibility

A digital journey provides another platform for your customers to access your products and services. Offering greater accessibility to your consumers often leads to sustainable organisation growth and greater profit margins.

calendar icon for amartiStaying up to Date

As the world becomes more technical, stay ahead of your competition by making sure you’re up to date on technology and technical solutions.

connectivity icon for amartiBetter Business Decisions

Going through a digital journey will allow for better business insights, so you can make the best decisions for the organisation.

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We're Here to Support You

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We are here to support you through the journey, whether it’s from the beginning,  joining the journey mid way through, or coming in for the final push towards over the line. Our consultants work collaboratively with your teams for a smooth journey, our delivery manager is responsible for being the bridge between your team, our team, and you. Our delivery manager holds everyone on the project accountable to targets and deadlines,  ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

Every transformation is different and personal to each organisation. At amarti, every project is bespoke and treated as such.

No matter your industry, amarti are here to support you with your digital transformation.